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WIP Wednesday: Jason vs the Giant Pumpkins!

It's time for a WIP Wednesday!

I've been working hard this year to really get to grips with my own, unique style. To that end, I'm currently working on embroidery number three of my Lucid Dreams collection; Jason! I think the red fabric was a perfect choice for him and I can't wait to start using the blues and yellows to highlight him. I am having so much fun creating these, and they've had some really positive feedback over on Instagram. It's never easy putting new artwork out there, so when people appreciate it, it's really encouraging. I think we all know that I am pretty awful at selling myself 😅

Pictured just behind Jason is a large pumpkin... I am in LOVE with these. This one was just a trial to see if I could size up my original pattern. Turns out I can 🙌🤪 I'm using up all of my "normal" fabric in order to get more horror patterns, so these pumpkins are a great way to do that. There's very little waste and they're so versatile; they could easily work all year around in various settings. And who doesn't want pumpkins all year round?!

I've already got small scrap pumpkins on the website, but these larger ones will be live soon. Some of them will also be plush, and yes, I will be doing faces on some too!

Last but not least; LINO PRINTS! I've been on about these for a while now, but I finally have all the materials I need, (namely some really nice Kraft card to print on...). I'm hoping that my first prints will be available in next month's website update, so sign up to my newsletter by using the form at the bottom of the page to get notified when they're live - there will only be a limited run on each print!

As always, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for my quirky creations! 🖤



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