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Very Short Stories: "Tunnel"

A creepy black and white image drk tunnel with seemingly no end. A single light flickers on and off somewhere further on. An ominous feel surrounds the gif.
The tunnel...

The train jolted to a sudden stop in the tunnel. The carriage fell silent.

He peered out of the window, wiping away the haze from his breath. Pressing his nose against the glass, he strained his eyes to see into the black abyss beyond.

He didn't need to.

Everyone heard them coming.

- Victoria Collins, Kent Coast Ghosts


#vss365, or "Very Short Stories" began life on Twitter as an opportunity for writers to share a short story within the Twitter character limit based on a daily word prompt. The challenge is that the prompt must be included in the story itself! Anyone is welcome to join in - just search on Twitter for the hashtag, click on "latest" and you'll see the day's tweets featuring the daily prompt.


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