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The long Summer evenings are drawing in, and with that comes our Kentish Nights ghost. Just after the sun leaves the horizon for the day comes that magical time when night's blanket is yet to comfort us, but the air cools and the sky still holds remnants of the day. Kentish Nights captures this fleeting, haunting moment in time, in a subtle metallic glow.

The Kentish Nights ghost is a subtle metallic pearl grey, blue and green ombré ghost. It has been finished with a UV resistant sealant.

Each Kent Coast Ghost is carefully handcrafted from clay and goes through several processes which include drying, sanding, sealing, painting, and finally varnishing, (dependent on the final finish). We don't use moulds to create our ghosts - every feature is added by hand using traditional clay tools - so every single one has its own unique features. Some of our ghosts are not perfectly straight, or may have different expressions in their eyes and faces...


They are also individually hand-painted so may contain slightly different patterning to the ghost pictured. This means that your ghost will not be exactly the same as the one photographed, as each one is as unique as you are.


All of our ghosts will be sent in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity especially for your ghost, and yours alone. These are put in a special envelope sealed with our very own special spooky wax seal.


Different screen resolutions can change the accuracy of the colours slightly, and your ghost may look different from the one pictured due to the handmade nature of these curious creations. Please also note the certificate of authenticity pictured will be unique to your ghost and will contain different information.

Kent Coast Ghost - Kentish Nights