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Very Short Stories: "Unfurl"

A black and white image of a lady feet standing above a freshly dug grave with two boards over the top, and a rudimentary wood cross
The girl at the graveyard...

She unfurled the sheet on the damp grass, meticulously smoothing it with her hand. Her face bore a faint smile as she sat back on her knees, admiring her work. Her gaze turned toward his battered body, and she shivered with the anticipation of burying him.

He moved.

- Victoria Collins, Kent Coast Ghosts


#vss365, or "Very Short Stories" began life on Twitter as an opportunity for writers to share a short story within the Twitter character limit based on a daily word prompt. The challenge is that the prompt must be included in the story itself! Anyone is welcome to join in - just search on Twitter for the hashtag, click on "latest" and you'll see the day's tweets featuring the daily prompt.



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