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Kentish Coal is a celebration of the coal mining communities in Kent, such as the one I grew up in! Coal was first discovered in Kent around 1890, when the Channel Tunnel Company drilled bore holes to learn more about Kent's geology. Sadly, the National Coal Board began to start closing the Kent mines as early as the 1960s, after the entire industry was Nationalised in 1947. Chislet Colliery's biggest market was British Rail, however once steam locomotives were withdrawn in the late 1960s it could no longer survive. The repercussions from this reverberated into the late 80s and early 90s, with communities devastated by the loss of income, having been built entirely around the coal industry.


Kentish Coal is a satin black ghost, finished with rainbow holographic glitter, which represents the resilience of the communities which now flourish. Its colour changes dependent on the light sources - much like the miners who risked their lives underground for the coal which fuelled many other industries in Kent - and the rest of the UK - at the time.


Each Kent Coast Ghost is carefully handcrafted from clay and goes through several processes which include drying, sanding, sealing, painting, and finally varnishing, (dependent on the final finish). We don't use moulds to create our ghosts - every feature is added by hand using traditional clay tools - so every single one has its own unique features. Some of our ghosts are not perfectly straight, or may have different expressions in their eyes and faces...


They are also individually hand-painted so may contain slightly different patterning to the ghost pictured. This means that your ghost will not be exactly the same as the one photographed, as each one is as unique as you are. 


All of our ghosts will be sent in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity especially for your ghost, and yours alone. These are put in a special envelope sealed with our very own special spooky wax seal.


Different screen resolutions can change the accuracy of the colours slightly, and your ghost may look different from the one pictured due to the handmade nature of these curious creations. Please also note the certificate of authenticity pictured will be unique to your ghost and will contain different information.


Kent Coast Ghost - Kentish Coal